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Introducing our model

Careers at Vanguard Tech

Who We Look For


Innovative Visionaries You’re not just following the trends – you’re setting them. Your ability to think outside the box leads to groundbreaking innovations.

Dynamic Problem Solvers Complex challenges excite you. You’re adept at navigating through uncertain situations and finding effective solutions.

Eager Knowledge Seekers You have a track record of exceptional achievements and constantly seek new knowledge and skills to stay ahead in the AI field.

Effective Team Players You believe in the power of collaboration. Your ability to work seamlessly with others enables you to contribute significantly to our team.


Interview Process at Vanguard Tech


  1. Application Review Submit your application for an open position and answer some tailored questions. Promising applications will prompt our team to initiate contact and start the interview process.

  2. Initial Discussion Engage in an initial discussion with a member of our recruitment team. This is an opportunity for us to understand your recent work and for you to learn about Vanguard Tech’s mission and projects.

  3. Pre-Onsite Assessments Before the onsite interview, you’ll go through a series of evaluations. Depending on the position, this might include technical assessments or practical tasks.

  4. Onsite Experience Experience a day at our Singapore office, engaging with our team and diving deep into our work culture. The onsite visit includes a mix of technical assessments and discussions about your experience and alignment with our values.


Join Us at Vanguard Tech 


Be a part of a pioneering team shaping the future of AI technology. Explore our opportunities and embark on an exciting journey with Vanguard Tech.